Lift doors are an extremely important component which characterizes the quality of the plant. From an aesthetic point of view, DOORS add elegance & value to your lift, and from a technical point their accurate construction and their correct installation are fundamental for the right lift functioning. VIPAL DOORS are realized with industrial technique and artisan care.

  • ONICE: Standard.
  • GIADA: 3 panoramic small windows.
  • ZAFFIRO: OVAL panoramic window.
  • CRISTALLO: Long panoramic window.
  • Design: VIPAL swing doors are UNIQUE because designed AD-HOC by an Italian designer.
  • Quality & versatility: This collection is patented and fulfils every functional need.
  • Know-how: Traditionally linked to quality, VIPAL has chosen best materials & used latest technologies for the DOORS production.
  • Variants & accessories: Are also available non standard door frames applicable to all the doors collection.
  • Aesthetical: VIPAL AUTOMATIC DOORS can be realized in plastic coated metal sheet, powder coated or stainless steel.
  • Flexibility: It is possible to combine the automatic or swing doors together with the VIPAL Shafts. (VSA, S30 , SLIM)
  • Exclusivity: The swing doors collection comes out from the innovative VIPAL “foaming” production process. (Patent n°RM2009A000102)